One of ICANN’s key commitments is to promote competition in the domain name market while ensuring Internet security and stability. New generic Top-Level Domains (gTLDs) help achieve that commitment by paving the way for increased consumer choice by facilitating competition among registry service providers. Soon entrepreneurs, businesses, governments and communities around the world will be able to apply to operate a Top-Level Domain registry of their own choosing.

Just about any type of New gTLD imaginable can be applied for. Already, organizations have announced plans for:

Additionally these types can be further subcategorized by market, or consumer product. see applicant list.

From a marketing perspective, a name can make or break a business. At $185,000 plus support costs, a .brand gTLD is by far the cheapest, fastest, and most effective platform to secure international presence in the most dramatic way. This is a game changer.

If you are the Marriot hotel chain you can have all your city hotels and all of your special events under .marriot so that when your global customers think of a destination or a service, your brand name is top of mind.

This is not about a slogan; this is about creating sophisticated marketing weapons to dominate a particular section of the market. Owning a .brand will be exclusively yours to use as you see fit to best represent your brand on the global internet space.

Launch of new TLD’s in
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