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So you have a nice new branded top level domain name, have you figured out how your going to use it? Do you know how to maximise the profitability of it and actually increase your brands global foot print using it? Do you know how to integrate it successfully into your business so your customers can benefit from it?

We provide internet marketing services specifically for the Brand TLD industry with a focus on return on investment strategies. To make your new branded TLD work for you, we offer Internet Marketing Services, Consulting Services & Implementation Services to help make that happen.


SLAM Strategy – Brand TLD Marketing Online

At SLAM we offer a variety of Internet Marketing solutions for businesses such as:

  • Outsource all your online marketing needs.
  • Running and managing of specific online Marketing & Advertising campaigns.
  • Creation of online Business plans.
  • A range of Social Media Auditing (for all budgets).
  • Running of Social Media channels & campaigns.

Outsource all your Brand TLD Marketing Services

In conjunction with our Global partners, take advantage of an entire team of specialists to represent and develop your brand TLD business. If you want to take your online presence to the next level, the team at SLAM can fill that void for you.

Running of Your Branded TLD Marketing & Advertising Campaigns

We develop and run creative and effective Internet marketing & advertising campaigns for any Branded TLD business. Using skillful marketing strategies and our comprehensive industry knowledge we can help your business develop online campaigns that will blow your competitors out of the water. We also produce an action plan where we show you in which months (or weeks) your plan will be implemented, so you can monitor ROI over time.

Running of Your Social Media Channel Campaigns For companies that are time-poor we offer the creation and maintenance of their Social Media channels and campaigns. We offer a variety of packages and work to get your business maximum exposure with minimal effort. We can also pass on trade secrets and tips, so you yourself can get caught up in the magic of Social Media marketing.

At SLAM we offer cost-effective online marketing solutions to our cliental that help them capitalise on potential cliental and work to their full potential. If you would like more information on the services listed above click here:


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