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The Internet is ever changing and moving on from being merely a technical administrator to a social driver. No surprise then that web domain names or the generic top-level domains (gTLDs) are also witnessing an evolution – gTLDs are no longer restricted to .com, .net or .org, but are expanding into more innovative and intuitive names that strike easy recognition with consumers of a particular brand.

Why should you invest in new gTLDs?
Today, domain names are powerful as they represent a brand’s image on the Internet. They build a sense of recognition for consumers to locate a brand and identify with its business. For this reason, the domain name your business holds becomes the foundation on which you may build your digital strategy.

The Internet changes faster than what most businesses can keep up with, and it is crucial that your online identity and marketing strategy keep up with these changes. A strong gTLD will allow your business to adapt and serve as crucial marketing tools that solidify your online reputation and revenue, while keeping the return of investments at a favourable ratio.

The right domain name and Internet strategy aligned around it can help you increase online traffic, strengthen brand image and distinguish you in front of consumers from other similar service providers. Addition of new gTLDs in the domain name system is a valuable tool that businesses can profit from. It provides space for companies to innovate and move step-in-step with expanding consumer choices. The more intuitive and aligned your domain name is, the easier it will be for your clients to locate you.

The gTLD buzz
ICANN’s new gTLD programme is perhaps the biggest expansion in digital real estate since the advent of Internet. Businesses, entrepreneurs, and communities can operate a top-level domain of their preference to engage their target audience, drive revenue and build a stable online brand. Owning a dot brand will also help businesses generate income through second-level agreements and registrations with suppliers, distributers and other partners. Businesses can now control their brand on the Internet at a new level.

Are there risks involved with gTLDs?
While the benefits are many, there are some factors a business must consider:
• Investment and loss – The evaluation and registry operating costs add up to USD$185,000, and businesses must show sufficient financial depth for minimum of three years. With no guarantee of ROI or the string you apply for, businesses may stand to lose some or all of their investment.
• Staffing – Highly skilled technical expertise is needed to run a registry, which requires both capital and trust.
• Competition – Your gTLD could conflict with similar TLDs, possibly in your area. Higher the competition, lesser the chances of your business standing out. Further, you will require a comprehensive business plan to lead the gTLD to a successful revenue generation model.

What SLAM does for you?
To make your gTLD work for you in the vast digital space, you need a partner with expertise in managing domains. SLAM Strategy has pioneered the internet marketing space by building brands and managing various aspects of digital marketing. Not being part of the traditional gTLD industry gives them the edge over other industry insiders who have been implementing a standard protocol when it comes to launching gTLDs.

As a business, you would be concerned about the return of investment you can expect from foraying into the digital space. The truth is that with the right strategy of finding your target market, your brand name can maximise online visibility and client conversions in the most cost effective manner possible. SLAM Strategy undertakes the various aspects of filing and managing a gTLD for your business to allow you to leverage your brand equity and stand apart from competition.

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